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All you need to run your online store

$ 4,488$374/mo (avg)
0.5% maintenance fee per order (yearly payment merchants) or 1% (monthly payment merchants)
$ 548/mo (Monthly plan)
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  • Manage your online shop on your mobile phone or computer
  • All online payment methods for customers
  • Logistic automation
  • Customise homepage and additional pages
  • Self-serve Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads
  • Member tiers and offers
  • Promotion campaigns (including free shipping)


Stay ahead of the competitions

HK$ 11,888/yr
HK$ 991/mo
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Plan Highlights
  • 0% system maintenance fee
  • Multimedia store design templates
  • Online and offline membership reward points or cash points
  • Enhanced order management functions (added splitting and merging orders for shipment)
  • Your own branded app* (additional one-time setup fee of HKD $3000)
  • Integrated mobile POS (mPOS) system for seamless online & in-store sales operations

V-Commerce All in One

Sell more and engage your customers with videos

HK$ 18,888/yr
0.5% maintenance fee per order (yearly payment merchants) or 1% (monthly payment merchants)
HK$ 1574/mo
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Exclusive content only for video commerce
  • All essential features of E-Commerce All in One Plan
  • Advanced shoppable videos function (more users views)
  • LIVE stream on site and replay
  • Multi-stream to Facebook, Instagram and Youtube
  • Advanced promotions functions
  • Advanced store management tools
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V-Commerce All in One
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Collect payment
0.5% maintenance fee per order (yearly payment merchants) or 1% (monthly payment merchants)
Ship your products
Social Media Integration

Other Services

New to e-commerce?

We offer e-commerce training, onboarding, and store setup services to make you ready.

Want to migrate your store to Boutir?

If you are already running an online store on another platform, we can assist you in migrating your product catalogue to Boutir.

Need help managing shoppable videos to sell?

We can do the production for you and also provide the training of essential skills to do video commerce. From strategy, setup, shooting, to running LIVE, we support you along the path to video commerce success.

Want to have your own branded mobile app for your customers?

Customers are 3 times more engaged on mobile apps than on websites. If you have a loyal clientele, we can build your store in an mobile app for them to download, interact with your videos and shop conveniently.

Want to promote across Boutir platforms and social media?

We and our partners regularly run marketplaces and LIVE selling, providing exposure which can expand the reach of your business. If you need help advertising strategically on social media, we have social media experts to help as well.

Want your branded store to look unique?

We can design your store to give your customers your unique branded shopping experience. 

Need to integrate with your PoS, membership or other systems you are using?

If you are running your retail business and need to bridge your online store to current systems, we can support you. Talk to us and we'll tailor-make solutions for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it doesn't. All it takes is an email address and a phone number (both of which you can change later), and then you are good to go.

It's 1% of the total revenue of the month for the monthly plan, and 0.5% for the annual plan. The receipt is emailed to the merchant automatically. Payment should be settled within 21 days.

With Boutir you can easily connect your online shop to Google, Facebook and Instagram. We've also developed an effective Self-served Ad feature that helps merchants place ads like Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience (DABA) and Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), only using a mobile phone.