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Wed, February 28, 2018

Boutir launched its mobile app in August 2015. Since then, 30,000 merchants have become its registered users, offering 450,000 products. However, will other retail platforms like Taobao and HKTVmall give it a run for its money? Co-founder and CEO Eric Ng dismisses this idea in the belief that these platforms are like cyber-marketplace, where customers are free to patronize different shops, whereas Boutir helps its users establish online stores easily and manage business orders on a platform integrating payment and logistics systems. Storeowners can also use it to ‘test the water’ for their new products. ‘Recently, there was a YouTuber who launched a pre-sale of his self-designed headwear on Boutir at HK$150 each. Three thousand pieces were sold in just two weeks. Some overseas buyers were even willing to bear the shipment cost which is almost the sale price.’

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Wed, May 15, 2019

Small businesses are always trying to find new ways to compete and grow market share. Eric Ng Co-Founder and CEO Boutir, and Andy Chan Co-Founder and Chairman Qupital talk to Anthony Lacavera about how their companies are taking down competitive pressures and helping small businesses with e-commerce.

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Sat, September 7, 2019

"Boutir Limited, a Hong Kong-based company that developed a mobile app which helps merchants easily set up their online store and manage inventory, says it sees immense growth potential in the Southeast Asia region.

Eric Ng, Founder of Boutir, says he expects strong growth in SEA countries to continue through 2020, specifically in the social eCommerce segment.

He says thanks to free trade and integrating of mobile, social and eCommerce tools, along with a proven subscription model developed through a multi-year effort in Hong Kong, Boutir is setting its target at 4x revenue growth for 2019 that would further solidify its foothold.

Eric Ng noted that Boutir started developing the Malaysia market in January 2019 and is committed to enhancing merchant connectivity across the region.

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Sun, May 3, 2020

Hong Kong retailers, hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and last year’s social unrest, are turning to platforms that allow their sales people to set up their own online shops to rescue their business.

This nascent model of online commerce allows sales staff from a particular vendor to individually set up their own online stores selling the company’s products. They can earn commissions on the products they sell, but the profit still goes to their company, which controls pricing and delivery.

It particularly suits traditional retailers of higher value products whose customers usually buy only after trying them out at their stores and take weeks to decide, according to Eric Ng Ka-ka, co-founder and CEO of Boutir.

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Thu, June 18, 2020

Hong Kong, which was once seen as lagging behind in the e-commerce boom with only 4% of overall retail spending in 2019 conducted online, is now catching up fast, as a result of the city lockdown.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has hit retailers hard with an estimated 36.1% decline in the value of retail sales year on year, more retailers have started turning to digital platforms to sell their products.

For example Boutir, a social mobile commerce solutions provider, which helps vendors to establish and run their online stores, has been experiencing a surge of business in recent months. The platform’s paid subscribers rose from 2,000 in January to 5,000 in March and their volume of transactions had doubled.

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Mon, August 3, 2020

"Hong Kong-based cosmetics & personal care chain SaSa has set up personal online stores for its beauty consultants to provide a new sales channel for the brand’s customer-facing staff in partnership with e-commerce platform Boutir.

The solution uses the Boutir mobile app to allow customers to make purchases on the consultants’ personal storefronts, providing additional commissions for staff as well as a more flexible experience for consumers. The move is an opportunity for the brand to combine its strengths in in-person shopping with digital retail, helping SaSa expand its omnichannel sales approach.

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Mon, August 10, 2020

"HONG KONG, CHINA – Media OutReach – 11 August 2020 – Boutir, a social mobile commerce solution and multi-channel commerce platform provider, has produced a new TV commercial series titled the Three Boutir Genies, which showcases through sci-fi animation how Boutir’s easy-to-use mobile interface can effectively address merchants’ pain points associated with setting up an online shop.

The new TV commercial series was premiered on Viu TV on 27 July. It features three fictional genie figures in the e-commerce realm, the Web Bouncer, the Multitasker, and Payment Handler, each representing a set of common pain points of online merchants, such as not knowing how to design and launch the online store, manage the administrative, logistics and advertising, and process the large amount of payments. However, Boutir’s simplified and easy-to-use mobile interface allows merchants to set up an online store effortlessly. The TV commercial campaign comes with the tag line “your online store solution from a mobile phone”, accentuating on the many features of Boutir’s one-stop mobile solution for integrated store management with the choice of multiple payment methods and the ease with which merchants can launch their online stores.

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Wed, September 30, 2020

"The Hong Kong-based Japanese lifestyle brand ran Facebook dynamic ads for broad audiences to find new customers, and retargeted dynamic ads to website visitors, achieving a 25X return on ad spend.

Founded in 2016, Zakka is a Hong Kong-based brand that sells a variety of Japanese-inspired lifestyle products, home décor and accessories.

Zakka wanted to increase overall sales and make its Facebook marketing campaigns more effective. Specifically, it wanted to monitor and review campaigns to improve performance and conversion rates.

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Tue, September 28, 2021

Boutir develops an end-to-end shop builder, empowers 100,000+ merchants across Asia, achieves unlimited online service scale during pandemic, and forges an AI-driven CRM strategy with Google Cloud. Hong Kong startup innovator Eric Ng built a successful career helping other digital entrepreneurs succeed, building their apps from his platform RedSo. At the same time, Ng yearned to launch his own application carrying a personal stamp, while advancing his mission of empowering fellow entrepreneurs.

That led to the creation of Boutir, an end-to-end online shop builder that allows any merchant in the markets it operates in to set up a mobile shop within minutes. On Boutir, anybody can download the app, register for free, and obtain a URL to a functional shopfront. All the merchant needs to do next is upload a product and an online shop is born.

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